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Testimonial 8

“This past trip to Israel was significant for every single person on our tour. Now we read our Bibles with reality interwoven. As a pastor, I regularly saw God at work in the personal faith of each of my congregants. We cannot wait to offer such an opportunity to our church again.”

Justin Thomas
Calvary: the Hill

Testimonial 7

“This past April we had the privilege of going to Israel for the first time. The travel agency that handled the trip was World Travel Agency through their tour company Pilgrimage Tours Worldwide. From the first time we heard of the opportunity to go with our church, Mike and Cheryl LaBaw had all the answers concerning the trip. Their attention to detail was incredible. They had all the details and logistics needed to prepare for our trip. We are grateful for their attention and willingness to return our calls and emails. Mike and Cheryl are a pleasure to talk with. Pilgrimage Tours Worldwide made our trip to Israel a positive and memorable, lifetime experience we will never forget. From the first day arriving in Tel Aviv to the day of our departure we felt safe and secure. The accommodations for our trip were first class all the way. We would not hesitate to use World Travel Agency for any of our future travels.”

Larry and Vivian Gifford
Calvary Chapel Eastside 2018 Tour

Testimonial 5

“Lisa and I would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to Mike and Cheryl LaBaw with Pilgrimage Tours Worldwide. These two cared deeply that our tour would be one of excellence in logistics, accommodations and tour guide selection. They conveyed the expectation that God was going to open up his Word through the experience in Israel...We drew near to God and the Bible came alive through this trip."

Pastor Merlyn Linden
Calvary Chapel Eastside

Testimonial 6

"This was a trip of eye-opening experience and fun activity for me and my family. The tour improved our accuracy in visualizing Biblical events. After reading the Bible for years, I finally have a visual map of Jesus's footstep in my mind. Images of Jerusalem come back to me every time I worship God. The food there was super tasty and healthy - it is hard to find that combination elsewhere. Their fruits are amazing."

Sandy Mau
New Generation 2018 Israel Tour

Testimonial 4

“My visit to Israel with Pilgrimage Tours Worldwide exceeded my expectations in every way. The accommodations, food, route, tour guide, bus driver, etc. were 1st rate. It has made the whole biblical narrative come alive. And every time I see a fellow traveler from our group at church, I just want to hug them!”

Pastor Robert Case
Calvary Chapel Eastside

Testimonial 3

I can't begin to tell you how excited my wife and I were to get to tour Israel and walk where Jesus walked. Pilgrimage Tours Worldwide took care of all the details so that we could focus on experiencing the Holy Land - we couldn't have asked for a better trip. We're already planning another trip in order to take members of our church.”

Pastor Matthew Fite

Testimonial 1

"From the desert to Galilee to Jerusalem, every part of the Israel challenged me to think deeply about who God is and who I am. Our tour guide Yoni Simmons added a layer of background and humor that made each site all the more meaningful. All things considered, our tour was a huge blessing to everyone as people came away spiritually enriched with a greater hunger to dive deeper into the Bible."

Eddie Wang
New Generation 2018 Israel Tour

Testimonial 2

"When I went in to Israel, I did not know what to expect and I did not know if I was going to make any friends, but as I was there I made friends and really connected with the people there and have made lifelong friends. As for what I expected, it was so beautiful. In the Negev, I connected with God in a way that I never thought I would. Yoni and Eddie made me love the Bible and want to read it. I am so very glad that there was a spot open for me on this trip and that you have put all your time and money into letting us go to the holy land and walk with Jesus."

Weston Hanson
New Generation 2018 Israel Tour