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Our Group Tour Services

Pilgrimage Tours Worldwide provides concierge quality assistance to Group and Private Tour Organizers each step of the way. Leave the arduous details and heavy lifting to us.

  • Getting started on your tour

    • Promote collaborative dialogue and interchange during the conceptualization stage of a private or group tour
    • Assist promoting the benefits of pilgrimage and group tours to Church, University or Organization leadership and governing boards
    • Provide presentations and briefing assistance
    • Provide collateral information, pictures, and videos
    • Answer your questions and research special tour requests and specifications
    • Assist with design and preparation of marketing and communication materials
  • Pre-Tour preparation

    • Tour company selection depending on specifications of your tour
    • Determine hotel quality, tour duration, travel dates, group size
    • Tour guide screening
    • Negotiate tour pricing and details
    • Find best and most affordable flights and accommodations
    • Itinerary design and documentation
    • Provide online landing page: tour information, itinerary, reservation form, travel insurance-on and off line form fill and signature capability
    • Handle land/air booking, reservation and payment details
    • Handle requested upgrades, deviations and travel questions
    • Build individual travel profiles
    • Provide travel and packing information
    • Present, review and assist with travel insurance options
    • Experiential support and suggestions to enhance tour
    • Explain tipping expectations and logistics
  • Tour

    • Accompany tour providing administrative support if desired
    • Provide 24 by 7 remote support if not accompanying tour

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