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About Pilgrimage Tours Worldwide

Cheryl & Michael LaBaw

Cheryl & Michael LaBaw

Pilgrimage Tours Worldwide is a division of World Travel Agency, LLC.  We are Virtuoso members.  The travel and tour company is owned and operated by Michael and Cheryl LaBaw, a husband and wife team dedicated to collaborating with our clients to insure they travel well.  Travel should be more than just a journey, it should be a series of unforgettable experiences.  We work hard to ensure our clients’ trips are always stimulating, authentic and, above all else, fun!

Our first pilgrimage to Israel was a game changer for us!  The Bible was transformed from two dimensional black and white to three dimensional color.  God did and continues to do incredible things in our hearts as a result of that tour and subsequent travel to Israel.  We want to share that experience with as many people as possible.  Our jobs are our calling!

Through Pilgrimage Tours Worldwide, we have been sharing the life-changing experience of Pilgrimages to Israel and other Holy Land destinations with churches, universities, pastor groups, radio stations, business groups, youth groups and more.  This is what we do, we organize and arrange pilgrimage, lifestyle and study tours to Israel and other Holy Land destinations.  Whether you are a group of 1 or 500, our mission is to share this incredible experience with those that Israel beckons.

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